About Us

Welcome to The Tasty Travelers Shop!  I'm Lauren and I'm so glad that you stopped by.  

Lauren holding Ninja Creami books

You'll find digital downloads, print at home downloads, printed (physical copy) books, and lots of cool gifts like mugs, T-shirts, totes, and even wine cups in our shop. 

As you'll notice, almost everything is ice cream themed.  Why?  Well, if you've been following The Tasty Travelers along on our cooking journey, you'll notice that many of my recipes over the past couple of years have been made in the Ninja Creami.  Yes, you know the one...the viral ice cream maker that got incredibly popular thanks to the TikTok craze.  Well, I was making Ninja Creami recipes way before that happened.  

In fact, I was a tester for the Ninja Creami before it even came to the market.  That's right!  I've been making Ninja Creami creations since day one!  (or even before that!)

So, as you can imagine, I make a lot of ice cream and have come up with tons of really great recipes that are delicious, super creamy, and easy to make!  

You'll find 57 of my traditional Ninja Creami recipes in the pink book and 57 protein-packed Ninja Creami recipes in the teal book!  All come with step by step instructions and colorful pictures for each recipe.  I hope you love them as much as we do!